Ying Yang Music Festival

by City Moments Wednesday 20 August 2014
















What's up Shanghai! Have you already heard about the upcoming YinYang Music Festival?

I surely hope so, it's will go down at the Great Wall (yes, the one and only!) in Beijing on the 6th, 7th and 8th of September. It is exactly at the same time as the moon festival, hence you will all be on holidays: No Work! Party Time! Link to event

=> It's a great occasion for a trip, for more details read our earlier introduction of the YinYang Music Festival.



To get you in your creativity and party mood on, the YinYang Music Festival crew is organizing several Pre Parties right here in Shanghai! Be there or be square ;-) 

When & Where will they take place?

@ D9 on Saturday August 23rd 

=> An exclusive opportunity to meet 14 of the 30 artists performing at the festival, as well as the organisers. Each one of them will lay down a 30min set so you can seek a peek at what's coming up. No cover charge so be sure to be there.

@ The Mansion on Friday August 29th 

=> The Mansion team is behind the YinYang Music Festival, thus you can be sure you will be able to see the same great alternative vibe. Join and experience the real YinYang Music Festival spirit one week early. 9 Djs and 11 hours of non-stop, non-commercial (obviously) electro music.

Cover 100Rmb including 5 drinks

@ Arkham on Thursday September 4th (event link) 

On September 4th, 1 day before the buses set off to Beijing, YinYang Music Festival is bringing 2 of the main acts to our favourite Underground Venue. Dr. Elektroluv & Kamara, from Belgium and the Netherlands respectively, will transform this rather spare location into an amazing visual & musical experience. Get ready to get your eyes and ears melted!

Tickets: 50Rmb presale, 80Rmb at the door



Last but not least, at the stroke of midnight, 5 lucky winners will walk away with free tickets to the festival.


 Yinyang Music Festival philosophy: 

- Affordable prices so everyone who loves music can join.

- Specific Music Selection: there will be NO showcase of commercial EDM

- Special location, which offers beautiful nature, ancient Great Wall, comfortable sleeping facilitates. This will be a festival that clearly feels as a Chinese Festival in China.

- A bridge between the west and the east: The festival is build on the first cooperation between underground music venues through China, and hosts special acts from Europe as well as the best Chinese and foreign artists China has to offer.

- Showcase of creative minds: the will be free market for creative people to show their masterpieces ands creative light and fire performances.

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STORM Music Festival - Shanghai

by City Moments Friday 15 November 2013

A Storm of electronic music is about to hit Shanghai with full force! 

A2Live is organizing the biggest EDM festival Shanghai has yet seen on the 16th and 22nd of November.

STORM Music Festival has a line-up that can compete with big festivals abroad including the Swedish pop duo Icona Pop, Axwell from Swedish House Mafia, Benni Benassi, Fedde le Grand, Headhunterz and many more… 


Make sure to join this one as it will be big!! 

Tickets are also available from





Saturday 16 November

Messier Stage

3.15pm Bottled in England

4.15pm Tenashar

5.15pm The Zombie Kids

6.15pm Cazzette

7.30pm Far East Movement

8.45pm Icona Pop (watch below)

9.30pm Benny Benassi


Markarian Stage

2.45pm Teddy Boy Kill

3.45pm Paris Hilton guest appearance

4pm Sekuoia

5pm Claptone

6pm Dillinja

7pm Afrika Bambaataa

8.30pm Etienne De Crecy


Friday 22 November

Messier Stage

2pm Smith Agent Smith

3.15pm DJ Fresh

4.30pm Headhunterz

5.45pm OM

6.05pm Zedd

7.20pm Fedde Le Grand

8.35pm No ID

9.30pm Axwell


Markarian Stage

2pm R3

3.30pm Kite

4.30pm Compuphonic

5.45pm Spectrasoul

7pm Don Diablo

8.45pm Jay Sean (watch below)


Festival Details

Admission 380RMB/day (until November 1); 580RMB/day (presale); 680RMB/day (on the door); 980RMB/two-day pass (from November 1)

Phone 400 882 1190

Date 16 Nov , 22 Nov

Time 1pm-11pm




Venue Details

Metro Longhua Zhong Lu

English address Xuhui Riverside Public Open Space, Dongan Lu, near Longteng Avenue, Xuhui district

Chinese address 汇区东安路龙腾大道

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Interview with CASSIUS

by City Moments Wednesday 25 September 2013

We love the whole Ed Banger crew, the last ones we brought were Feadz & Kito last year, how do you feel the french electro scene is going/evolving?



This is your first time coming to China - are you excited to come play in Shanghai? What do you expect from your trip?



If you had to choose: Sting or Eric Clapton?



From MC Solaar's albums to Cassius 99 to "I Love U So" you have explored into many music genres.. What are you into these days, and what do you like to play most during your sets?



What's the most stupid question a journalist ever asked you?



You've said before that "usually if we do 10 gigs, there are two which are really great, seven which are ok and one very bad."We're hoping that you get the 8 ok and bad ones before arriving in China and that we rock Shanghai with you!



THANKS and we are looking forward seeing you Saturday at Arkham!




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Interview with DJ Verse@ille

by David Lazarowicz Tuesday 17 September 2013

Where are you originally from and how come you are in Shanghai now?

I was born in Cape Town South Africa & i moved to Shanghai in 2010 to work at the World Expo (South African Pavilion) Sigh... Good times...


When did you start DJ’ing and why did you start in the first place?

I was 1st introduced to the dj scene by a friend who was playing in a club in Cape Town... This was in 1999! Watching the way he controlled the crowd with his music & seeing how much fun it was i knew this was something that i would LOVE to do. I initially started just for fun & never imagined it would take me to so many places one day.


How do you describe your style of music and in what way did it change/evolve over the years?

I think my name best describes my style of music...Verse@ille pronounced Versatile (fyi), as i LOVE playing different genres of music & i like incorporating different mixing techniques to odd genres.It has evolved drastically over the almost 14 years i have been playing for... I used to be what some might call a 'purist', only playing hip hop on turntables. But travelling to & living in different countries (England, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, USA, Malaysia ect). Seeing what other countries were getting down to & being influenced by djs from other countries, how could i NOT change. Music like everything else, evolves & changes too.

I like to think of myself as an educator... I think that it's every 'REAL DJ's' job... To educate listeners about more than just the popular stuff. So how i have evolved is i'm always researching new – sub genres & incorporating other genres into my sets... So people can listen to what else is going on in the music world.


How do you see the nightlife scene here (from behind the decks instead of from the bar) and do you think you have some kind of influence on it?

It's massive! Multi million yuan a year industry... since there is not that much else to do in Shanghai other than shopping & eating. But i think it's too Electro / House music influenced & for the amount of people there are in Shanghai you'd think there would be more variety. Hey, don't get me wrong... I LOVE me some Afro / Funky / Deep house music but i think lots of other genres are under represented. I would like to think i have some kind of influence on it. Like i said i am always pushing different genres (moombahton, Trap, Twerk ect) via festivals & my radio shows & recently i have had a nice run doing beach parties in Shanghai & other parts of china where i can be a bit more experimental.

Also my latest concept 'In the Trap' is all about pushing Trap & other bass music... & it's been quite well received. I have already done 5 events in 2 cities & have 2 Radio shows (Udance & Beatspot).


What do you think of Chinese clubs with no dance floor and massive table arrangements?

I'll be lying if i said i'm a fan of it. But I think it's makes sense from a business perspective to charge for people to 'ball out' at tables. It's just very frustrating for me as a dj trying to educate the audience with different genres & trying to put on a show just to have people sitting in their tables & not dancing.


Hottest club in town is…?

Next question. HAHA!


Where do you go to party if you don’t spin?

I don't go partying at all. I might go see a fellow dj friend playing somewhere or if there is a special event or an international dj in town i might venture out. But very rarely.


What was/is the hottest party of the summer?

It has to be Midi Festival... Rocking about 3000 people going HAM to Trap! One of my top 5 gigs of all time! It was incredible! Looking forward to the next one!


Besides DJ’ing, do you do anything else worth mentioning?

I have started a little organization called MAD (Making A Difference) doing different events at different venues raising funds for & awareness of different charities both here in China & abroad. I have always been passionate about working with people & incorporating my 2 passions (music & helping others) in one is AMAZING! Pardon the shameless plug... But check out MAD's facebook & weibo & support! |


When traveling to a gig – what’s in your suitcase?

The usual; laptop, serato, skullcandy headphone, camera, few changes of clothes, raised in china snapbacks. Also blank cds (learnt my lesson... long story) & snacks (love me some skittles or dried mangos).



Thanks for the interview! and see you at some of the clubs in or around Shanghai.









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SONIC SHANGHAI - Music Festival

by David Lazarowicz Tuesday 13 August 2013

Sonic Shanghai Music Festival is almost here! The iconic festival from Japan is launching its debute in Shanghai on the 17th and 18th of August! The festival will happen in the Shanghai Stadium and Shanghai Indoor Stadium in Xuhui. Headliners include nu-metal band Korn, Limp Bizkit, Kei J-popper Miyavi, Li Quan and Black Panther. Make sure not to miss out on this first-timer and be prepered for a great show! Drink sponsor Bacardi will assure that you won't leave the place thirsty! 

See the full line-up below.

Unbeatable Stage line-up: Saturday 17
3.30pm Miserable Faith
4.50pm Li Quan
6.10pm Han Geng
7.30pm Aska Yang
9pm Korn

Unbeatable Stage line-up: Sunday 18
3.30pm Perdel (Escape Plan)
4.50pm Mavis Fan
6.10pm Black Panther
7.30pm Faith Yang
9.00pm  Limp Bizkit
Sonic Stage line-up: Saturday 17
4.30pm Residence A
5.20pm Mr Chelonian
6.10pm CMCB
7.10pm Tomahawk
8.10pm Longshendao
Sonic Stage line-up: Sunday 18
4.30pm Gear Eraser
5.20pm Tongxin
6.10pm Liquid Oxygen
7.10pm Da Bang (formerly Bigger Bang)
8.10pm Reflector
Get your tickets here:



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Interview with DROP THE LIME! (MESH Opening)

by City Moments Tuesday 06 December 2011

 Hey City Dwellers!

Known for his insane meshes of genres into songs, 'Drop The Lime', (AKA Luca Venezia) a renowned Electronic Producer/DJ from the NYC, is coming to Shanghai this Saturday @The Wharf, and we had the privilege of having a few minutes of his crazy packed schedule: 
CM:  Growing up in New York, where the music scene is always so progressive & competitve, did you struggle as a musician at the beginning?
DTL: Not at all. If anything the competition is inspiring and keeps you motivated. Keeps you working harder.
CM: I’m sure you get this a lot, but… how did the name “Drop the Lime” come about?
DTL: It actually started out as an ode to my grandfather who was from Sicily – he had this lime green motorcycle that he used to cruise around on, and he used to say exactly that – “I’m dropping the lime!” I used to visit him in Sicily as a kid and cruise around with him on the back of his motorcycle, so that’s where the name came from.
CM: Your music is well known for its mesh of many genres, (Bluesy, Electro, etc.) If you had one word to describe your music for people that don’t know you yet, what would it be?
DTL: If a song has attitude and sexiness,  I'll play it. it doesnt matter what genre it is.. As long as its got that edge.
CM: Do you have a rough idea of what the Shanghai party scene is like? What are your expectations for the crowd in Shanghai?
DTL: I had an absolute blast last time I played, so I'm looking forward to the return. I'm happy to be a part of a new event explosion for MESH!
CM: Of all the tracks you produced, do you have a favourite track? Why?
DTL: My favorite is always the newest and most recent I make, because its capturing my present mood and state of mind... So 'Shake Baby Shake', my new club single, which just dropped on ultra would be my current fav.
CM: What are your future goals for 2012 in terms of your music?
DTL: My debut album will be dropping, Enter The Night, and there will be lots more DJ tours and exclusive full live band tours.. Very excited for the new year to come.. Been ready to drop this album to the public for a while now. And its finally reached its place and is ready to be shared.
CM: As an artist that has “made it”, do you have any word of advice for aspiring musicians out there? 
DTL: Always stick to your guns. Do what you believe in and dont steer clear. If you try and do whats currently popular youll be a flash in the pan... Music is meant to be timeless.. Embrace your creative natural potential.
Drop The Lime is also a successful founder of the dance label, 'Trouble & Bass'. The man just doesn't stop! So watch out for this crazy talented DJ coming to The Wharf this Saturday, it's a performance not to be missed!
More info here


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Interview with DJ Angie Vu

by City Moments Thursday 10 November 2011

Born in Vietnam, Angie is from mix parentage. She used this to her advantage when she started modeling at 17. After having graced the runways of the world and conquering Vietnamese TV, she turned her attention to her next biggest passion, music. As one of the sexiest women in Asia, Angie is one of the 5 models who have been given the title of International Super Model. City Moments had the chance to catch her for a quick interview when she landed in Shanghai for her gig at Zeal this Thursday.
CM: Hey Angie it's nice to meet you and welcome to Shanghai!
You started your modeling career at the age of 17 and received the title of an International Super Model.
What made you start your second career as a DJ?
Angie: I love music and love having a good time, it seemed natural to me. I also like challenging myself and doing new things
CM: What is your usual music style when you perform in clubs?
Angie: I usually play electro and dirty Dutch house in clubs. It's fun and really gets the crowd going
CM: Do you produce yourself as well? 
Angie: I'll be getting into the studio soon and hope to make a few tracks. I'm just trying to find the right producers now...hopefully will have something out by the beginning of next year
CM: You became resident DJ at the New Asia Bar in Singapore and usually play there every Friday and Saturday. How do you spend your spare-time during the weekend?
Angie: I spend the weekends like everyone, having fun with friends, enjoying good food, and shopping. Every girl loves shopping. And music, theres always music playing.
CM: Is it your first time coming to Shanghai? What is your first impression of this city?
Angie: Yes its the first time here, im so excited to be here. First impression is COLD. I'm based in Singapore so I'm used to warmer weather. I'm really looking forward to check out the scene here, I heard it's all fun here
CM: What are your next big steps? Starting a career as …tell us?
Angie: No career change in the future, I love 'Dj'ing and want to stick with it. I'm learning new things every day and meet a lot of fun people. Why would u want to do anything else?
CM: Tell us something about your craziest experience as a DJ. As “Asia's Sexiest DJ” you must have some good stories to tell 
Angie: I don't want to shock you or the readers *wink* , but I dj'Ed in lingerie once, that was a bit crazy, but fun also!  Have a look online 
CM: Before you go I want to ask the questions all guys would like to know before coming out this Thursday to your show at Zeal….Are you single?
Angie: Hmmm... Unfortunately I am at the moment but maybe I'll meet someone here. Know anyone thats interested? 

CM: Thanks a lot for your time and see you Thursday at ZEAL on the dancefloor.
Angie: Thanks CM ! Hope to see you there too. XOXO Angie

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Interview with DJ Tom Pooks

by City Moments Monday 07 November 2011
Top pooks

About Tom Pooks

Born in Montpellier, Tom Pooks has started his musical trip in the middle of the 90’s, hanging around a few raves, and started to get interested in producing his own music. 

His first productions led him to play with international DJ’s (RICHIE HAWTIN, CARL COX, JOSH WINK, to name a few).
He’s invited each year to Ibiza by Carl Cox himself to play at Space for his most famous guest-star event: “Carl Cox & Friends”
His tracks got signed to reknown labels, like Ovum, Intec and Kompakt. Which gave him an international status, allowing him to play everywhere, from South America to Asia and all Europe (including Space Ibiza, Love Parade, Global Gathering, Kazantip,Watergate Berlin…). He released the last official Kazantip Festival Live Mix which reached records in online purchase worldwide.
In 2006, ‘Pablo Assan’ was one of the hottest track of the year, handled by the whole Kompakt crew and hugely supported by Sven Vath and the Cocoon-addicts while his latest tracks, ‘Trouble’ and ‘Step 808’ keep on disturbing the best sound-systems.
As a DJ, Pooks reveals an incredible energy and uses his own special way to hypnotize people which is why we’re excited to have him as our birthday present!!


CM: When did your career start? What made you want to produce music?

TP: Well i started my career 17 years ago, when i was in a rave party in north of spain.

I have been really touched by the union between dj and the crowd, and between all people dancing looking into the same direction, same way. So I decided to become a dj.

Then i had the feeling that it wasn't enough and I wanted to give a real piece of myself to the crowd so I started to compose music.


CM: What equipment do you use to produce?

TP: I use Mac and Logic Audio as software, plenty of sound banks and plugging to treat the sound as I like, a midi keyboard and most important great monitors to hear as well as possible what I make.


CM: Can you talk to us about your label Moovment?

TP: Moovment is more than a label, it's a friendship project where we all play what we like. We are a few working on it and it's mooving all the time as we look for what we can propose to people.

Actually we love to party with my friends, so we use Moovment  to party around!


CM: How did you come to playing with Carl Cox in Ibiza and how do you feel the scene has evolved over there?

TP: In fact I have been introduced to Carl by Josh Wink, who is a very good friend and best guy I ever met!

Carl wanted to know the guy who made a track on ovum rec (josh's label), and it was me! So as we were touring together I met him, then we started a very nice story with Carl..

He is THE man, really nice, full of humility..always trying to get his music family bigger. He's used to give a chance to all people he trusts, really handsome man.

So he proposed me to play with him at Space for his party it was great , and i think his nights are almost the only one where you can find the old ibiza spirit.Many others are a little bit too much "fashion" now, you see. ..

Watch the video of Tom Pooks and Carl Cox


CM: What's your involvement in Kazantip? And can you describe this Festival?

TP: Kazantip is the biggest open party in the world, Wild true underground but really accessible to anybody who likes music it's the only place in the world where you can dance 24hours a day for 4 weeks!!!!!!!!

There is a president , his name is Nikita and ministers ...I have been contacted by the artistic manager a few years ago because they like my music I made a very good DJ set , they loved it and then we started to work together. I've been playing there for almost 5 years and I love this mood. Then I started to help them with my experience of European dance-floors.

So now as I believe in this event, I promote it all over the world officially for them.


CM: After having played around the world, what is your best Gig experience ever? What's your worst?

TP: Best is Space Club with coxy (Carl Cox) and Kazantip! by the way I played last year with Carl in Kazantip..But I have to say that in South America, Argentina, I played in a very warm venue, Rosario City. I played 7 hours and people didn't want me to leave!!! they used to call me Santa Pooks!! Unbelievable!

That is music, sometime you live a magic moment ...

The worse is when there are thousands people in front of you all waiting for you to play and because of a technical problem you can't play, it happens sometimes...


CM: What's always in your suitcase on your world tours?

TP: Pix of my daughter Charlie and my headphones


CM: Ok, thanks for your time with City Moments and see you rocking the

dancefloor on November 12th in Bar Rouge!

TP: Thanks to you to guest a Frenchy there! I cant wait to see you all there!





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City Moments - rocking the Dancefloor

by City Moments Tuesday 25 October 2011

If you haven't realized we made a big leap this year regarding our own events! You all have been to at least one of them and we hope you could actually be at all of them! 

So to make sure you all know what we are planning for the near future here is a small overview! MAKE SURE to mark the dates in your calendar :)
Events in October
We already had our famous Black Circus event at ZEAL and will finish the months with a crazy Halloween party “DIISNEY TRASH” together with Bar Rouge this coming Saturday!
Make sure to get your costumes early! 
Events in November
We have some big stuff to celebrate! City Moments is turning 3 on the 12th and we are celebrating this with a Big Bang at Bar Rouge. To make it even more special we invited DJ Tom Pooks, who is a headliner at the famous Kazantip Festival and played together with Carl Cox at the Space Ibiza opening. Expect some nice small gifts at the door…no need to bring us gifts even though we happily receive them if you have some with you.
On the 25th we’ll close the Black Circus chapter (for this year at least) with a special DJ/Artist booking. Sugarstarr from Syke ‘n’ Sugarstarr will rock the dancefloor together with vocalist Jay Sebag (The voice of Martin Solveig)! This one will be HUGE!!
So there is something to look forward to….
See you on the dancefloor!
P.s. Something BIG is planned for New Years Eve...keep your eyes and ears open for more info!

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Julian Schnabel in Shanghai

by City Moments Tuesday 18 October 2011

VIP Opening on Thursday 27 Oct. 11

6 - 9 PM / de 18h à 21h

18Gallery at Bund18
18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu - Shanghai
Julian Schnabel's Polaroïds series is sort of a diary of the ten last years of the artist’s life. Julian Schnabel takes photos of key figures but above all his friends, such as Takashi Murakami, Lou Reed, Placido Domingo or Mickey Rourke. He allows us to enter in his private life, unpretentiously thanks to these authentic 20"x24” unique pieces ...

施纳贝拍摄了如Takashi Murakami, Lou Reed, Placido Domingo 和Mickey Rourke. 这些知名人士。艺术家带我们走进他的内心世界,在20 x 24’’的冲印上没有多余的技法,为了凸显精华,他只是稍微重新加了点绘画。审美的,撩人的,自2002年选出的这些照片把观者带到了另外一个时空。

Show from / Exposition du : 
27 Oct - 8 Dec, 2011


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